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The Needle Ninja VIP Club

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Joining the Needle Ninja VIP Club gets you exclusive access to over a dozen free cross stitch patterns! Some are snarky, some are political and some are Not Safe For Work (NSFW).

That means they may have SWEAR WORDS. Pearl-clutchers should keep on scrolling!

Plus get a 20% off coupon code good for anything in the shop.

Patterns include:

  • 3D Haunted House
  • Rainbow Butterfly
  • Sleep Emoji
  • 3D Rubik's Cube
  • We Are Made of Star Stuff
  • Wink Emoji
  • Get Your Knee Off My Neck
  • Poop Emoji
  • Individual One Behind Bars
  • Beautiful Blue Balloon
  • 3D Monarch Butterfly

... and more...

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Instant access to over a dozen modern, snarky and NSFW cross stitch patterns and a 20% off VIP coupon code. Plus, be the first to know about discounts, new patterns, tutorials, classes and stitchy inspiration.

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The Needle Ninja VIP Club

13 ratings
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