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Vote As If SAL (Stitch Along)

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This is for digital downloads only. Nothing will be mailed. PDF Page Size = US Letter 8.5” x 11”, approx. UK Size A4

TW: Over the course of the SAL, we will discuss some difficult topics such as medical care, missing persons, SA and pregnancy loss.

Welcome to the Vote As If SAL

Fabric by Witch's Garden Crafts
Floss by Dyeing for Sass

(Fabric & floss sold separately.)

Get out the vote with this colorful stitch-a-long featuring slogans inspired from protest signs in the USA and around the world. There's something here for everyone.

The Vote As If SAL is really colorful and is influenced by the palette in the beautiful Inclusive Progressive Pride flag. If you're not sure what all of the rich symbolism means, don't worry. I cover all of that in the SAL.

The pattern is made up of full cross stitches with just a few back stitches sprinkled in.

The Vote As If SAL is a Mystery SAL broken down into 18 parts. A new part is released each week on Friday from June 7th to September 27th, with the last part - a banner finishing tutorial - released on October 11, 2024. Just in time for you to show off before the next US election.

The cost is a one-time payment of only $15 and you will continue to have access to the SAL for as long as Notorious Needle is in business.

Fabric by Witch's Garden Crafts
Floss by Dyeing for Sass

(Fabric & floss sold separately.)

Michelle of Witch's Garden Crafts has created an all-new fabric color for this SAL! The whispy gray is the perfect background to set off the vibrant floss colors in your project. It's available in multiple counts on aida and evenweave, including an opalescent option!

Jenny of Dyeing for Sass specially designed this colorful, acrylic thread organizer to coordinate with the SAL that will last you for years. It coordinate with her beautiful array of hand-dyed flosses. Included in the floss pack is 10 yards of each of her 12 flosses, plus black and white. That's PLENTY for this project, and even a couple of future projects!

Not sure what a stitch along is? No problem, it's all explained in this article.

Floss Sold Separately

It's perfect for beginners because it is almost all cross stitch with just a few back stitches sprinkled in. And the pattern is provided in small, bite-sized chunks.

It's perfect for experienced stitchers because it keeps you motivated. As you stitch each section, you'll get that sense of accomplishment with each finish.

✔️Want something different than samplers and cottages?

✔️Bored with muted, bland colors?

✔️Ready to stitch a more meaningful phrase than "Home Sweet Home"? Honestly, how many of these are there?

✔️Frustrated that the SAL doesn't include how to actually *DO* the stitches?

It doesn't have to be this way! Join this SAL and stitch something MEANINGFUL

The Vote As If SAL isn't just another cross stitch pattern. It's 20 weeks of inspired stitching with a community of like-minded stitchers, and more!

Here's what you'll get:

🪡 Vote As If SAL PDF pattern broken down into bite-size pieces to help keep you motivated

🪡 Pattern comes in multiple versions: single page, multi page, black and white. color and Pattern Keeper

🪡 Video tutorials for beginners

🪡 Finishing tutorial for the final section so that you can finish your gorgeous project into a colorful banner

🪡 Shopping list so you know exactly what you need

🪡 Access to a helpful community of like-minded stitchers

🪡 BONUS: A free pattern that you can stitch up while you wait for the first release

✔️You could spend your evenings relaxing and stitching instead of doom scrolling

✔️You could create a thoughtful gift for someone you love, including yourself!

✔️You could spend your time making your own meaningful project instead of watching what others make

✔️You could get that feeling of pride and accomplishment when people walk into your home and gasp with delight: “Did YOU make that?”

Take a closer look at all the details you’ll want to know before joining us:

✔️Design Size: 132w x 194h

✔️Size in 18ct (recommended): 18 ct (7.3 x 10.8 in.) (18.6 x 27.4 cm)

  • Palette x 14 Colors
  • 14 ct (9.4 x 13.9 in.) (23.9 x 35.2 cm)
  • 16 ct (8.2 x 12.1 in.) (21.0 x 30.8 cm)
  • 18 ct (7.3 x 10.8 in.) (18.6 x 27.4 cm)
  • 20 ct (6.6 x 9.7 in.) (16.8 x 24.6 cm)
  • 22 ct (6.0 x 8.8 in.) (15.2 x 22.4 cm)
  • 25 ct (5.3 x 7.8 in.) (13.4 x 19.7 cm)
  • 28 ct (4.7 x 6.9 in.) (12.0 x 17.6 cm)
  • 32 ct (4.1 x 6.1 in.) (10.5 x 15.4 cm)

✔️9,702 Total Stitches

  • Cross Stitches x 9,690
  • Back Stitches x 12

✔️There are 18 parts, with a new part released each week on Fridays. June 7th to September 27th, with the last part - a banner finishing tutorial - released on October 11, 2024.

Items Pictured are Not Included

✔️14 Vibrant Colors. The full list of supplies are inside.

✔️The pattern contains full cross stitches and a few back stitches.

✔️There are quick video tutorials for cross stitch beginners and those needing a refresher

✔️All of the videos and patterns and downloads are hosted right here where you can log in and access everything in one place

✔️There will be an all new video tutorial for finishing your project into a gorgeous banner with tassels

Here's what you'll need:

🪡 Fabric and Floss

🪡 Tapestry Needle

🪡 Embroidery Scissors

🪡 Finishing Materials

You can finish your project into a colorful banner using the tutorial inside the SAL, or opt to finish in the manner of your choosing.

And you deserve to be a part of that!

What is a Stitch Along?

A stitch along is an event where a stitchy community gets together to all make the same pattern over a predetermined period of time.

The pattern is often delivered in pieces. Instead of getting the entire pattern at once, you get it a piece at a time.

For the Vote As If SAL, there are 18 parts, one provided each Friday from June 7th to September 27th, with the last part - a banner finishing tutorial - released on October 11, 2024.

How long will it take to finish?

If you follow along as the pieces are released, it will take 20 weeks to complete the Vote As If SAL, from June 7th to October 11th.

No rush! You can go at your own pace. It will still be here. 😊

Do I have to show up at a specific time?

Nope! Come when you like! The shopping list, pattern pieces, tutorials and community will be available to you 24/7. You just log in any time after the release.

How long do I have access?

Most people will tell you “forever” or “for life”. What they don’t tell you is that it really means for the life of the company.

The honest truth is that you will have access for as long as the Notorious Needle is in business.

How will I get inside after I purchase it?

Once the payment is processed, you will be redirected to the SAL page. Plus, you will receive an email with a link to access the SAL.

You can just log in to get the pattern pieces which be released once a week. Or you can go through the email reminders delivered directly to your inbox.

What comes with the SAL?

This is a digital product, so nothing will be sent through the regular mail. (See below for where to pick up supplies)

The PDF patterns will be released every Friday from June 7th to September 27th, with the last part - a banner finishing tutorial - released on October 11, 2024. 

The patterns will be released in different versions for your convenience: single page, multi page, black and white. color and Pattern Keeper

There will also be a supply list and video tutorials.

Plus, you can join the free Notorious Needle Ninjas Facebook group and be part of a community of like-minded stitchers.

Can I buy a kit?

Unfortunately, I am not able to provide kits. You can click the buttons below to purchase separately the specific fabric and floss that this SAL was designed with.

The fabric is Mist by Witch's Garden Crafts and is available to purchase here:

Mist Fabric

The various flosses are by Dyeing for Sass and the thread pack is available here:

Vote Floss Pack

A DMC conversion will be available with the pattern.

I will provide the exact list of supplies you will need to stitch and finish your project, and suggestions and links on where to buy them.

Do you offer refunds?

For instant downloads, I don’t usually offer refunds. 

But for a SAL, I will give refunds until the first piece is released. For this SAL, that's June 7, 2024.

Please get in touch and email me at

If you’re really unsure about purchasing before it's released, you can scroll to the bottom and click one of the buttons for a sneaky peek.

Did you mention a bonus pattern?

YES! You’re gonna love this!

Just a little extra “Thank You” because I appreciate you. 💙

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Refund Prior to First Release on June 7, 2024

Notorious Needle offers refunds on SALs (Stitch Alongs) if requested prior to the first release of the SAL. Due to the nature of digital products, we are not able to offer refunds or returns after the first release in a SAL. We want you to be happy with your purchase. If you need help, please contact

Last updated Apr 30, 2024

Pattern Chart broken down into bite-sized pieces to help keep you motivated
Video Tutorials for beginners covering cross stitch and back stitch
Finishing Tutorial so that you can finish your gorgeous project and have it ready to display
Shopping list
BONUS: Surprise pattern!
Multi-page pattern in color
Multi-page pattern in black and white
Single page pattern in color
Single page pattern in black and white
Pattern Keeper Version
Page Map for charts larger than one page
Floss Color Key
DMC Conversions
Skein length estimates for each color
Thread Sorter
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Vote As If SAL (Stitch Along)

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